Albee’s NY Gyros and Albee’s NY Dogs were founded by Albert “Albee” Brahimaj, a New Your City native.  Albert grew up in New York but later in his life, he decided to move to Eugene, OR to be closer to his mother and sisters.  In 2007 Albee decided to explore entrepreneurship.  Having a passion for the food service industry, Albert decided to try his hand at it.

With that, he founded “Albee’s NY Dogs”, a Hot dog cart serving late-night patrons of downtown delicious and authentic “New York” style hot dogs.

In 2010 Albee decided to take his passion for serving delicious food to the community to the next level.  With that he took the leap and founded the original “Albee’s NY Gyros” restaurant located downtown at 391 West 11th.

It was with this first location that the community of Eugene discovered, and fell in love with, Albee and his delectable Mediterranean cuisine.   As time went on, it became obvious to both Albee and the community that they had a new hit in town.  And, with that, Albee opened his second location in January 2015.

Enter Albees NY Gyros “Churchill” located at 2260 West 18th Street (18th and City View).  With this store, Albee took the opportunity with the larger space to further perfect and expand his menu.  This store expands on his concept by offering dine in options and an expanded menu.  Like his original store, the community continues to embrace Albee’s love for Mediterranean cuisine.

Albee’s latest location is slated to open in January, located in the “South Town” neighborhood.  This store will feature the same format and expanded menu as the West 18th location.  This new location is located at 2568 Willamette Street in Eugene.


Recently Albee was featured in the Register Guard.  You can read more about the story of Albee’s N.Y. Gyros here.