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About Albees N.Y. Gyros – Albee’s NY Gyros

“Albee’s N.Y Gyros” begun as a hot dog cart on the corner of Broadway and Olive St. in Eugene, Or.  Albert – “Albe” – Brahimaj spent Wednesday – Saturday nights serving delicious hot dogs to downtown Eugene “late-night” patrons.  These same, delectable “New York Style” hot dogs where it all begun can still be had today at any of our locations.

in 2007, Albee took out a $3,000 loan on his car and took the plunge and went from “street cart” to “brick and mortar”.  He hired 2 employees, bought some used restaurant equipment and created what is now “the original Albee’s N.Y. Gyros” in a space formerly occupied by a sandwich shop.

It is in this West 11th location where Albert perfected his creations and, along the way, earned quite a following due to his magnetic personality, excellent attention to customer service and above all, his delicious food.

As momentum soared in the West 11th location, Albert’s passion for his food and his business wouldn’t let him rest.  He felt driven to spread the reach of his great food.

In 2015, Albee opened what is now his second location located on West 18th Ave where Albee began blessing south Eugene with his personality and delectable food.  In this, larger store, Albee had more options to create more and more savory (and sweet – Baklava, baby!) food.

What started as a 6 item menu, has now grown into over a dozen items at both locations.  Today, Albee and his employee’s continue to innovate and serve the best Greek/Middle-Eastern/American food fusion to the Eugene community.

Albee’s N.Y. Gyros is more than “just a restaurant”.  Thanks to Albee, it’s an experience.

Come try it for yourself at either location.  We have a record of not disappointing.